Thursday, August 20, 2009


A tack from The Magical Mystery D Tour E.P.
Heard it on THE VOID a few years ago and fell in love.

For your listening pleasure :)

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  1. This is indeed a classic track off a classic EP from a classic band. I went to see PTV on the Godstar tour a couple of times here in the UK around 85 or 86 and they were amazing, I still remember a gig they played in Sheffield and they hit a certain ELF tone and the whole audience went into an OOBE/catatonic trance, you literally shook your head and went 'what the fuck just happened?!" Ahh happy days lol.
    Just wanted to say you have created some amazing re-edits, the Dire Straits one being a particular favourite; peel back the MOR layers and keep the majestic core! Plus I had never heard of JP Ferland so thanks for tuning me into such a cool artist, reminds me a little of the other great JP, Mr Masseria who at last seems to be getting some recognition for his god like genius! Anyway, I digress, great blog..I know its a thankless task most of the time buts its worth putting in the effort so people like me can stumble across you and check out the magick inside!