Sunday, April 19, 2009

From Stars To Gutter

Somewhere between light and darkness, between content and despair, we freefall from silent vacuum of space to gutters of earth.

mono puff- pretty fly
the glove- a blues in drag (Alt RS Vocal Demo)
stanya- eftir lifid?
bernard szajner- Ibad
Apollo XI- peace (in the middle east) Is this really the orb mix?
cody chesnutt- with me in mind
vangelis- sunny earth
aladdin's magic lamp (melodia 1983)
chimera- nosh
ashra- slighly delayed
jean luc ponty- ethreal mood
tony wilson- hanging out in space
grace jones- the crossing (ooh the action)
poroky- back to the burner
eurythmics- aqua
propoganda- abuse
sun electic kitchen- o'locco (hyperfloral mix)
carlos peron- nothig is true, everything is permitted
bot'ox- tragedy symphony
bernard fevre- stars away
eurythmics- greetings from a dead man
cabaret voltaire- just facination
jerry harrrison:casual gods- bobby(aborignal mix)
quiet village- gold rush
john martyn & beveley martyn- auntie aviator
broken social scene- shampoo suicide
in flagranti- rainchild (in flagranti edit)
frontier- hey man
gamma 3 - mobile devotion
mogwai- tracy
amp- so hot (wash away my tears)

Full 2 hour emotional outburst here:
p.s. Sorry for dirty quality. My mixing apparatus in not in order at the moment. If anything, rough recording adds a little mood to it.

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