Friday, March 6, 2009

Time's Up

Age Of Chance- Time's Up

One of my favorite house tunes and a classic! I have a lot of great memories attached to this one. A good friend of mine played it for me many moons ago and i fell in love with it at first listen. The first copy i got was a bootleg and i bought way too many ;) though i found the original later on. I did not want to adjust it too much because it's perfect the way it is. This was done long time ago and i've used a bad copy for the source, sorry. Eventually i will record it from the original.

Thank you my dear friend Donovan for discovering this for me!

Thank you Bryan (B-Roe) for being a great friend ( R.I.P.)

будь земля тебе пухом Age Of Chance- Time's Up (edit)

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