Friday, March 6, 2009

25 West 38th

Nu Groove - 25 West 38th - A Compilation

Here is my favorite track from this awesome compilation. I have seen it as a re-issue with 'secret code copm" Pick it up if you have a chance. I will stick with my dusty originals. Lost Entity- Annihilate (L.E.S. Mix)

320kb/s for your listening pleasure

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  1. There are some mighty tracks in your "acid" section, its good to see someone else knows about the Age Of Chance track (its always being one of my dancefloor deadly weapons over the many years since its release!) - Anyway, I had forgotten all about the first Nu Groove compilation, god knows where my copy went, its probably in some specialist shop selling for megabucks or its getting dusty in some old girlfriends would be splendid if you could release some more tracks from this classic complilation.
    Thinking about it, its ironic how the Nu Groove label here in the UK (In Birmingham if memory serves!) picked up on the Detroit sound whilst in that city at the time very few people knew that tens of thousands of people were packed into old warehouses with only pure MDMA as a shield against the cold while these amazing tracks were been spun!