Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Group 87, a career in dada processing

Co-producer - Peter Van Hooke Drums [Acoustic, Electric], Cymbals - Peter Van Hooke Mastered By - Bernie Grundman Percussion - Peter Maunu , Peter Van Hooke Producer, Composed By - Mark Isham , Peter Maunu Recorded By - Nick Ryan Recorded By [Additional], Mixed By - Craig Milliner Synthesizer [Guitar], Violin, Mandolin - Peter Maunu Trumpet, Electronics, Keyboards - Mark Isham

Picked up this record by chance and listened to it staring at the night sky with candle lit.
Trumpet from 'The Mask Maker' reminded me of this Russian band from my childhood called DDT.
Hopefully it will strike something within you, as it did with me.


  1. Had the album many years ago. Loved it! Had throw out all my albums when I got married due to lack of space. Wish it were available in mp3 as the album is way too expensive.

  2. Too bad about your Lps. You can e-mail me your info and i will record it and put it in a zip folder for you if you like.

  3. uuH..This is the great trumpetist and composer Mark Isham early band.I would love to hear it.I recommend you "Miles Remembered" from Isham and Maunu 1999 band.Blessings.

  4. Hi Android; I would also like to get the entire album if possible. I lost some of my LPs (the ones on the lower shelves) during Hurricane Katrina, and sadly this was one of them.

    I used to really love this album, had the first "Group 87" album too. Always been a big fan of Mark Isham (and Patrick O'Hearn).

  5. hi
    i would also love to hear the full lp. these two are wonderful!